Roller/Wheel Recovering

Guaranteed Consistency

Our outstanding quality control guarantees you consistent, reliable quality in all roller and wheel recovering urethane. We select material carefully for superior performance and durability, and then we precision grind to close tolerances.

We can formulate and produce just about any size or kind of roller recovering, beginning with the smallest wheels and extending up to rollers 48″ in diameter and 300″ long. And we can consistently deliver on schedule and at a price that helps keep you profitable.

Your Single Source for Urethane

We mold relationships with our customers by consistently meeting product, service and scheduling needs. That’s why, for many of our customers, we are the single source urethane supplier. We’d like to
be yours, too.

Solutions. Not Problems.

At every level of Bailey-Parks, we have an unwavering commitment to customer service. You can count on us to do our best to give you the fastest and best solutions.

More Capabilities: