Grain Handling Industry

Urethane in the Grain Handling Industry

Diamondback® polyurethane sheets are among the most versatile of all lining materials. Our Diamondback® liners provide outstanding resistance to abrasion and wear problems. Our General Purpose Diamondback® sheets also meet FDA standards for dry food handling.

Diamondback® provides outstanding resistance to both impingement and frictional abrasion. It is relatively easy to fabricate and install and the cost is competitive with other abrasion resistant materials. Its softness cushions to protect grain, feed and other materials from breakage. And Diamondback® liners meet FDA standards for dry food handling.

Related Products:

Embedding ceramic chips in urethane creates outstanding resistance to abrasion; Diamondback beats other manufacturers’ ceramic to urethane ratio per sheet.
The 16-gauge steel produces a sheet that’s more rigid and flat & creates a structurally sound stopping point for bolt heads. Thickness from 3/16” to 1”-plus.
Cotton Fabric–Backed Diamondback® urethane sheets are Lightweight and flexible, can be glued to other substrates with commercial adhesives.
Non-reinforced urethane sheets have no backing. They are the most lightweight and flexible of all Diamondback® polyurethane sheet types and can be hand-formed.
Built to close tolerance specs like custom gasket fabrication; guaranteed uniform thickness, even at 1/32”. Abrasion resistant, abates noise & vibration, provides cushioning and insulation
Best, long-wear fastening system for urethane & other synthetic rubber products. Made of BPU’s’ Diamondback® urethane, outwears heat-treated alloy steel 6:1.
Primarily used in mining applications. Place weld washers in urethane sheet, weld urethane to a metal plate. Seal with urethane plugs for flat finish.