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Polyurethane Sheets, Liners & Accessories

Versatile, Durable and Abrasion-Resistant Polyurethane

Diamondback® polyurethane liners and sheets are among the most versatile of all lining materials. A trademarked product manufactured only by Bailey-Parks, these polyurethane liners are available in a variety of standard sizes and hardnesses, providing outstanding resistance to impingement and frictional abrasion. Diamondback® urethane sheets meet FDA standards for dry food handling, and cushion grain, feed and other materials from breakage.

Strict quality control for a superior product

Each and every Diamondback® polyurethane sheet is produced using computerized casting and monitoring equipment. In addition to standard verification processes, Bailey-Parks checks every lot both during the pour and after the final cure to ensure ultimate tensile strength, percent elongation break at 100 and 300 percent modulus and durometer rating.

The Diamondback™️ Line:

Heavy-duty, tough. Ceramic bead impregnated 1 to 2″ up from blade edge. Removes the toughest products, even in frozen environments.
Using BPU’s best materials, the beveled Diamondback skirt reduces wear on belts while protecting the conveyor. 2X more durable than UHMW & rubber.
These blades work well in applications like “V” plows. (90A) durometer layer cleans conveyors of heavy debris; softer (70A) removes water and fine particles for an overall better belt cleaning.
Multi-use: Dry apps with FDA requirements; also removes sticky build up on moist bulk material conveyors. Easy install on major brands. Longer lasting than other products.
These urethane belt wipers are the best in the business for higher temperature applications. Fluorescent green, unsurpassed quality and dependability.
Layer 1 cleans solid debris; 2 cleans non-solids; 3 is rigid to prevent bending, reduces vibratory drag & belt chatter of layer 2. Double its life by rotating the wiper.
Features USDA-approved materials for handling seafood, dairy, meat & poultry, etc. Easy install on major brands; lasts longer than metal, rubber, or UHMW wipers.
Embedding ceramic chips in urethane creates outstanding resistance to abrasion; Diamondback beats other manufacturers’ ceramic to urethane ratio per sheet.
Solves many bulk aggregate handler problems. Lighter, longer lasting, versatile (no need for separate left/right shoes). Fits specific classifier models/sizes.
The 16-gauge steel produces a sheet that’s more rigid and flat & creates a structurally sound stopping point for bolt heads. Thickness from 3/16” to 1”-plus.
Cotton Fabric–Backed Diamondback® urethane sheets are Lightweight and flexible, can be glued to other substrates with commercial adhesives.
Dimpled design allows product to lodge between dimples. reducing overall wear to the pad. Slows flow in discharge areas.
Non-reinforced urethane sheets have no backing. They are the most lightweight and flexible of all Diamondback® polyurethane sheet types and can be hand-formed.
The best solution for road paving slurry wiper apps is from BPU! Superior abrasion resistance & flexibility; the material of choice for this tough application.
Easy to install & maintain spray deflectors. Stands up to wet conditions, improves screen efficiency and material-washing performance. Fits 1.5 – 2” pipes.
Best, long-wear fastening system for urethane & other synthetic rubber products. Made of BPU’s’ Diamondback® urethane, outwears heat-treated alloy steel 6:1.
Primarily used in mining applications. Place weld washers in urethane sheet, weld urethane to a metal plate. Seal with urethane plugs for flat finish.