Custom Molded Urethane Products

Custom Molded Products

In-house tooling w/steel, aluminum and/or composite materials. Plastic injection, compression, and centrifugal casting molds. Custom roller cores. Roller repair.

Custom Mold Making Services

Bailey-Parks has been designing, engineering, producing and testing custom urethane molded products since 1970. With more than 600 different polyurethane molding compounds available, we can devise specific formulations of ethers, esters, MDIs, TDIs, TPUs, hardnesses and colors to meet your exact specifications. 

Almost 100 percent of our tooling is done in-house, using steel, aluminum and/or composite materials. We can create plastic injection molds, compression molds and centrifugal casting molds, among others. The tooling department also supports the Bailey-Parks roller division by building roller cores and repairing damaged rollers prior to recovering.

Our fully staffed tool and mold-making department is located at our plant in Memphis, Tennessee. With design, engineering and manufacturing staff all under one roof, we provide turnkey solutions to meet your custom urethane molding needs.

Brief List of Custom Molded Urethane Products:

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For oil & gas drilling apps; separate sand & grit from drilling mud (then reuse). Custom molded, to meet OEM specs, plus 4 worldwide-standard sizes.
Bailey-Parks Urethane offers top-quality urethane rods and tube stock engineered for durability and versatility, making them the ideal choice for a wide range of industrial applications.