Wet Diamond Wiper

Belt Wiper – USDA Wet

Features USDA-approved materials for handling seafood, dairy, meat & poultry, etc. Easy install on major brands; lasts longer than metal, rubber, or UHMW wipers.

Diamondback® Belt Wiper USDA Wet

These belt scrapers consist of USDA approved materials which can be used in a variety of process facilities handling seafood, dairy, meat and poultry, etc.

This wiper blade also cleans away debris left behind in wet food processing applications. Bolted to the conveyor and easy to install on major brands, similar to FDA DRY belt scrapers, the USDA WET belt wipers last longer than metal, rubber, or UHMW wipers.


The USDA WET belt wipers are processed with materials which are safe for DRY and WET FOOD applications.

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Heavy-duty, tough. Ceramic bead impregnated 1 to 2″ up from blade edge. Removes the toughest products, even in frozen environments.
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These blades work well in applications like “V” plows. (90A) durometer layer cleans conveyors of heavy debris; softer (70A) removes water and fine particles for an overall better belt cleaning.
Multi-use: Dry apps with FDA requirements; also removes sticky build up on moist bulk material conveyors. Easy install on major brands. Longer lasting than other products.
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