Ceramic Chip Urethane Liner

Ceramic Chip Urethane Liner

Embedding ceramic chips in urethane creates outstanding resistance to abrasion; Diamondback beats other manufacturers' ceramic to urethane ratio per sheet.

Diamondback® Ceramic Chip Urethane Liner

In the majority of wear applications, standard Diamondback® provides outstanding resistance to abrasion.
In the early 1980s, Bailey-Parks began experimenting with ceramic chips combined with urethane. And pioneered a system that allows a much higher ratio of ceramic to urethane per sheet than was available from other manufacturers. The result is Diamondback® Ceramic Chip Urethane Liner.


Ceramic is 85% alumina with a hardness of 9 on MOH’s scale.

This product is most effective in applications with abrasion caused by small, sharp particles or very high volumes of abrasion. Grain elevators handling large amounts of soybeans have used Diamondback Ceramic Chip liners and reported wear advantages of as much as 2/1 over standard Diamondback®.

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