Wedgie Bolt

Wedgie Bolt™ Urethane Fasteners

Best, long-wear fastening system for urethane & other synthetic rubber products. Made of BPU’s’ Diamondback® urethane, outwears heat-treated alloy steel 6:1.

Wedgie Bolt Urethane Fasteners

The Wedgie Bolt™ Urethane Fastening System offers the best, longest wearing fastening system available for use with urethane and other synthetic rubber products. The Wedgie Bolt™ is formulated with Bailey Parks’ tough Diamondback® urethane, known to outwear even heat treated alloy steel by a 6:1 margin.

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Conventional metal bolts, even when countersunk, offer very little resistance to wear, and no resistance to leakage in applications involving liquid slurry. The Wedgie Bolt™, in addition to its superior wearability, has been pressure tested, with water, to 1200 PSI with no leakage.

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Primarily used in mining applications. Place weld washers in urethane sheet, weld urethane to a metal plate. Seal with urethane plugs for flat finish.