Weld Washer Fastening Sheeting

Primarily used in mining applications. Place weld washers in urethane sheet, weld urethane to a metal plate. Seal with urethane plugs for flat finish.

Diamondback® Weldable Urethane

Primarily used in mining applications, this product allows for welding urethane to a metal substrate.

For example, weld washers can be molded into a urethane sheet. This then can be welded to a metal plate. Urethane plugs are hammered into the urethane for a sealed and flat finish on the urethane plate. Applying the weld washers every 8-10” keeps sand from getting between the urethane and the metal backing and lifting the urethane.

Bailey Parks Urethane Fastening Sys. Weld Washers & Plugs 1-10 screenshot
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Best, long-wear fastening system for urethane & other synthetic rubber products. Made of BPU’s’ Diamondback® urethane, outwears heat-treated alloy steel 6:1.